Experimentation has long been a bedrock of surf culture. And besides the proliferation of wavepools, the widespread acceptance of alternative, experimental surf crafts that's now prevalent in our current state of surfdom, may be the era's defining feature.

But while surfing something weird or offbeat can be a worthwhile endeavor, there are certainly times when one may simply want a board that works (a novel idea!). Enter Infinity Surfboards' responsive, well-rockered, tried-and-true high performance shortboard, the Automatic. Designed by shaper Dan Boehne, the Automatic has long served as the baseline model for the Infinity's litany of high performance shapes.

For our latest Design Forum, brother Dave shares why the Automatic has become the go-to for surfers who, whether going on a trip or gearing up for comp, just need a board that's going to do exactly what they ask of it.