Martin Daly found perfection, and he still wanted more. The Indies Trader captain believed that Indonesia’s outer islands had set-ups that surf explorers dream about: long, flawless barrels, and, unlike parts of Indo, no crowds. So in the ’90s, Daly took his boat beyond Bali to the Mentawai archipelago, and he couldn’t believe what he found. The above edit from GoPro tells the story of Daly’s early Mentawai trips, and how the euphoria he felt upon first seeing the area is now experienced in new ways thanks to hi-def POV cameras:

Martin Daly is surfing's most iconic boat captain. Having discovered over 100 surf breaks, the captain of the Indies Trader is an explorer and a pioneer. Surfers all around the world have dreamed about being aboard the famed Indies Trader and catching waves with its legendary captain. Of all the surf breaks he's discovered, Martin's memory of one stands out among the rest: One Palm Point.

Throughout the early 1980's, the only known surf in Indonesia was in Bali, G-land, and Nihau. That was it. There had to be more out there, and Daly was determined to find it. He went to Singapore and bought a nautical chart of the nearby regions. Poring over them, he felt sure there had to be waves in several places, and as he would soon discover, there were. As he came upon the Mentawai Islands one morning in May of 1983, Daly could see them: waves, and it was the first time anyone had seen them here. Eagerly, Daly paddled out alone and waited for the biggest set to come through, and as they did, he took off. To this day, he says it is the most courageous thing he's ever done.

Crystal-clear waters broke off the reef, creating impossibly long left-handed barrels, a surfer's paradise. Daly had christened the break with his first ride, but a spot so legendary still needed a name. Right in front of the line of takeoff stood a single palm tree, and so it became One Palm Point. Today, One Palm Point is one of the most famed surf breaks in the world. As the captain of the Indies Trader III, Daly is now introducing surfing's next generation of explorers to One Palm Point’s splendor, like Felicity Palmateer, Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Anthony Walsh, and Kai Lenny.