• Mikey O’Shaughnessy
    Edited by Nash Howe
  • Mikey O’Shaughnessy Wins Ecoboard ProTest Challenge

    The North Shore charger pockets $10k and a new appreciation for eco-friendly surf craft

    The ProTest ECOBOARD Challenge has come to a close and Mikey O’Shaughnessy is the winner. Check out O’Shaughnessy’s edit above, where he packs multiple Pipeline pits on boards made out recycled materials and plant-based resins. O’Shaughnessy states that he was skeptical of how the ECOBOARDS would perform in critical waves, but after making some solid barrels on them he started riding one every session this past winter on the North Shore. O’Shaughnessy receives $10,000 as the ProTest winner. Congrats Mikey!

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