When Pat Gudauskas boarded a plane to South Africa in mid-June, he only had two set plans: to start his trip in Durban for the 3-star South Africa Open of Surfing, and to end it in Ballito for the Ballito Pro, the first major ‘QS event on the 2017 schedule. Everything else was up in the air.

But as soon as the SA Open ended, a large swell popped up in the South Atlantic. Along with his brother, Tanner, and Dylan Graves, Pat headed straight for J-Bay, where the crew scored two days of firing waves at the world’s best right point, before packing up and heading west to the world’s best left point, Namibia’s Skeleton Bay. And, to top it off, they spent a day with the Surfers Not Street Children organization in Durban, before heading home to the States. A three-week dream run, if there ever was one.

“The only thing you can expect is nothing at all when you’re traveling. There is so much unknown and so much you can’t control that it teaches you to go with the flow. To be flexible. To enjoy being in the moment,” says Pat in the edit above, which highlights all of the best moments of the trip. “I have the choice every day to either be positive or to be bummed and negative. And I choose to see life through a filter of stoke and optimism.”

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