What do you think is more difficult: knifing a late drop under Pipeline’s guillotine-of-a-lip or talking into a camera without being, in Eli Olson’s words, “super cringy.” Well, for Olson, his Pipe performances speak for themselves and, as he candidly admits in his new vlog, “It’s hard doing the talking to a camera thing.” Yet Olson manages to give us an entertaining ride-along in his vlogging debut as he engages in parking lot banter, sessions fun Haleiwa and attends the O’Neill “Wave of the Winter” awards ceremony. With Olson’s penchant for chasing purple blobs as they appear across the globe, big barrel-filled sessions are destined to be in future webisodes. Give Eli a like and a sub here, and hopefully we’ll see him on some bombs, like the one below soon.