“At the end of the day a score feels most rewarding when all arrows say ‘turn back’ and around the next bend is the session of your life.”

That shining nugget of wisdom comes courtesy of thinker and tube-hound Nate Zoller. At some point this year, he scored empty, heaving, perfect Mainland Mex. Not entirely satisfied, he also dipped into Ireland for a questionable swell that turned out to have all the right answers. Though, to be fair, piddly Irish waves followed by a cold pint of perfectly-drawn Guinness is worth taking a flier on a trip to the Emerald Isle.

“With all the forecasting technology available,” Zoller says, “it has become a test of who can read the maps best. Who else will scrub the Sanskrit hard enough to uncover the riches on the other side?”

Zoller will, apparently. He also rolled the dice in Baja, always a bit of a gamble. If there’s swell, the winds are often wrong. If the winds are calm, the swell doesn’t show. Also, good lord, the driving and the federales. A gamble.

For Zoller, those usually pay off.

Watch the vid and read a little about Zoller’s trip thoughts here, on the Roark website.