Is there anything more reliable in our Instagram feeds than an Asher Pacey surf clip? Unlike bleary sunset snaps, poorly lit food porn, or vids of Karen wild’n out, the site of Pacey atop a dual-finned, lunch-tray-length swallow tail continues to be a reliably engaging post — rather than one we reflexively swipe past.

And a new edit comprised completely of B-roll from “Snapt 4” proves that, as prolific as we may have imagined the Queenslander to be, the Pacey content well is a deep one. A montage of long tubes, big buckets of spray and that singular, alluring flow atop six variations of Pacey’s go-to shape and fin setup, the four-minute clip — while sure to pop up in your social feed soon — is worthy of intentional viewing. 

Click play to be drawn in again to Pacey’s reliably watchable surfing. 

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