Throwback Clip Of The Week: 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro

Some of the biggest, best Cloudbreak caught on film

Matt Wilkinson won the OK Fiji Pro yesterday in fun — though a bit underwhelming — 4-foot Cloudbreak. And while it was an entertaining event, it’s hard not to think back five years to 2012, when one of the largest swells to to ever hit Fiji slammed Cloudbreak’s reef during the event window.

The day started off massive, with a sideshore devil wind, and the contest was put on hold after only a few heats, when Raoni Monteiro (bet you haven’t heard that name in a while!) tried to slip out of an 8-footer and ended up destroying every ligament in his knee. Shortly thereafter, with the swell still building, and every ‘CT surfer on the island severely undergunned, the event was officially called off. But, with the WSL camera crew still in place, a live broadcast of the freesurf action was, fortunately, called on.

As you likely remember, as the afternoon wore on, the wind switched for the better, and a handful of complete psychopaths — some on the ‘CT, most not — put on the greatest live show in the history of the sport. Check out this week’s throwback clip above, and reminisce on some of the best Cloudbreak caught on film.