Having landed leading roles in two of the year’s best cold-water flicks, it’s time for Noah Wegrich to take center screen in his own feature film. The Santa Cruz-born surfer made stellar appearances in both “The Seawolf” and “Perilous Sea” this year, and now, he’s starring in his own film, “Just For Kicks,” alongside Torren Martyn, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, and Frank Solomon, with filmmaker Perry Gershkow behind the lens. We caught up with Perry to see how this film came together.

How did this film get started?

I’ve been filming with Waggy for about four years now, even if it was just little web edit stuff here and there for Rip Curl or Globe. He’s one of the California guys that I work well with. We went to Indonesia last year for Chilli surfboards and we did a movie for them. They loved it, and after the premiere, they approached me again, saying that they wanted to do a new project. I wrote them my pitch about what I wanted to do, and they approved it right away. So for the last 8 months or so, we’ve been filming on and off.

Originally, it was just going to be a small little edit filmed around California, maybe five to six minutes long, and we’d continue on up to Oregon, Washington and Canada. It just started getting bigger and bigger. We linked up with Nate Tyler for a few sessions, and he was super amped to get in the film. We went to South Africa with Torren Martyn and we were in J-Bay for two weeks. Mitch Coleborn was really excited to be in the film, since he rides for Chilli, too, so he hopped on board and filmed with us a lot.

Does the film have a story, or is it more action-based?

I think the best thing about our last film was that it wasn’t some crazy story about finding perfect, epic waves in a far-off place. It was more about just traveling with your buddy, going to really cool places, and taking advantage of the experiences and the surrounding areas. In South Africa, for example, we went to a really cool game park to immerse ourselves in the culture. When we traveled all over the West Coast, we were getting all the good food from each state. When we went to Oregon and Washington, we were camping and getting into the rugged coastline. It’s ultimately about having a good time with your buddies and not just surfing, but really taking advantage of the places you travel to.

When does the film premiere?

We have our first premiere in San Francisco on November 3rd. We go down to Santa Cruz for November 9th and then we go to L.A. for the 11th.

Watch the trailer above and check back in soon for more information about the tour dates and locations.