The approach is simple: use your connections and resources to curate the best footage possible and have surfers produce their own wizardry in ways that are true reflections of their surfing. We stressed the theme last week. Where are the independent surf films? we asked. And while that’s not a jab at the state of the industry, including our guilty, blood-soaked hands, the days of surfers controlling their own footage and movie-making capabilities have dissolved for close to a decade. Snapt 3 looks to be a breath of fresh air in a world that desperately needs a return of the core.  It’s a cast that includes Bruce Irons, Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Bobby Martinez, Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Ian Crane, Dustin Barca, Seth Moniz, Zeke Lau, Josh Moniz, Parker Coffin, Midget Magic, Cheeseburger, Kyle Garson, and Simon Rex. There’s some dreamy water-work from the likes of Erik Ippel’s Phantom and a healthy serving of Tom Jenning’s RED footage as well. The first sights are impressive.