First Look: Taylor Steele’s Proximity Trailer

Four proper dream teams, united on one screen

We’ve been anticipating the release of Taylor Steele’s Proximity as soon as we saw the duos involved: Dorian and Albee; Steph and Rasta; Machado and Ando; and Kelly and John John. “I paired surfers who I'm really inspired by, and guys who I was really curious how they would do on a trip together,” says Taylor. “I wanted to see if they would inspire each other to surf harder, or to approach things differently than they normally would, because they're with someone similar to them, but from a different generation. And the whole idea was to pick surfers who are still relevant, but from different time periods.” Now, with the official trailer from Teton Gravity Research, we’re closer than ever to Steele’s first film in four years, and the first combined look at four proper dream teams in action.