Let it be known from one of surfing’s most respected performers and most reliable aerialists: Josh Kerr is not one to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day. Kerr didn’t become one of the world’s most well-rounded surfers on accident. He’s up early every morning, scouring the coast around his Carlsbad home for waves, hucking lofty airs and staying sharp for the next contest.

“It’s a balance, being the best dad and husband I can be while achieving all my goals with my surfing and my career,” Kerr says. “I'm super competitive. I want to stay at that highest level for as long as I can. With surfing, I really want to make sure that every surf I go for, I put 100% into my focus. With my family, I want to do the exact same thing: I always try to be as focused as I can, as clear and as open-minded with life as I can be.”

Whether he’s punting an alley-oop in a singlet or pushing his daughter Sierra into waves near their home, Kerr is always on his game. Press play above for a look into the life of one of the world’s most driven surfers.