For those on either coast of the United States, the full-volume season is upon us. It’s certainly not the most exhilarating time of year to be a surfer, especially if you’re confined to your local breaks. And although board makers will intuitively unveil their newest takes on the summer time grovelers, is there anything yet to be done to the short, wide, flat high performance shortboard capable of exciting?

The answer: Yes!

We recently asked four prominent shapers to dish on their newest, mush-destroying models. What we found was a stirring and eclectic range of takes on the short, flat, wide groveler, featuring wings and no-wings, squash tails and swallow tails, a variety of bottom contours and fin setups constructed from a diverse assortment of innovative materials.

Here, Rusty's Clint Preisendorfer, Infinity's Dan Boehne, CI's Britt Merrick, and Album's Matt Parker each walk us through their preferred summertime surf craft.