Interview: Frank Solomon and Peter Hamblin on “Let’s Be Frank”

Our full conversation with the star and director of the year's most intriguing surf film

After months of cryptic trailers, plotlines left in unconcluded, frayed threads, and 4K clips of harrowing rides at Dungeons, Frank Solomon and Director Peter Hamblin will finally reveal all tonight with the premiere of Let’s Be Frank, Solomon’s mocku-biopic that’s unlike any surf film we’ve ever seen (We can vouch for it after watching a private screening). The public release is set for September 19th, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait for the inside scoop on the movie. Watch our full Facebook Live conversation with Solomon and Hamblin, who explain the movie’s origins, their favorite parts of the filming process, Frank’s return from a broken back at Rileys to the world’s heaviest slabs to a promising acting career, and more.