From The Olympics To Orion

An interview with Greg Geiselman, owner of Orion Surfboards and Pops to Eric And Evan

“In 1980, I had to fly over to Fort Lauderdale, because I was on the Olympic team for the Bahamas for swimming. I couldn’t get into the colleges over here with the scholarships unless I finished two years of high school in the United States. So I stayed two years down there in Fort Lauderdale, and one of the guys who was on that team, we were training together out of the Hall of Fame there, and he surfed. He took me surfing one day – I surfed, and I was done.”

That’s how the surfing life first dug its hooks deep into Greg Geiselman, owner of Florida’s Orion Surfboards and father to Eric and Evan Geiselman. His epiphanic paddle-out soon took him to the competitive proving grounds of Sebastian Inlet, then to the ASP-East Coast Tour, and finally to the thriving local shaper scene, where he’s led Orion Surfboards since 1985. Here’s an insightful Q&A with Geiselman at his studio, covering his career, his kids, and more.