Rack your brain back to more than a year ago, if you can, and you’ll recall that a new web-clip series called Vacation Club kicked off its ’80s-aesthetic in Episode One with Griffin Colapinto, who carved, flared, and all-’round maneuvered through San Clemente. A year older, stronger, and one VC edit wiser, Griff’s back with filmer Jacob Vanderwork to fight June Gloom at Lower Trestles. “The best waves I’ve surfed at home in the clip were on those days at Lowers when it was super-glassy, uncrowded, and perfect swell direction,” Griffin says. Considering that two of those points are true at any given time, but never three — and the fact that Griffin has the natural chops to be a Top-10 competitor — means that, once more, his home highlights are an event to check out.