The fact that surfers are capable of building their own craft for their specific aquatic pursuits is arguably surfing’s greatest characteristic. You don’t see many cyclists bombing hills on self-welded frames, nor snowboarders drawing lines through powder on hand-carved boards. No, surfing is unique in this way, and that’s thoroughly awesome.

Sure, there’s an initial investment that comes with setting up a backyard shaping bay, blanks and materials aren’t cheap, and odds are your first few boards are going to ride only slightly better than screen doors. But with a little patience and a lot of dedication, you can make something with your own two hands that gives you the exact sensation you’re looking for in the water.

We recently teamed up with 10 Barrel Brewing to create a short film that celebrates the act of building your own surfboard, the knowledge gained through that pursuit and the ways in which it can grow to define your relationship with surfing. We recruited some of our favorite talents who know their way around waves and planers alike—namely Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren, Jared Mell, Andrew Doheny, Derrick Disney and Zack Flores—and we converted a Northern California barn into an impromptu shaping bay where they could talk design and tear into blanks for days on end. After the dust had settled and the boards had been glassed, the crew took off for various corners of the globe to put their new craft to the test.

The resulting film, “Handmade,” will be released for your streaming pleasure sometime in January. We hope the the surfing, shaping and hijinks (many beers and at least one piñata were harmed in the making of this film) that color “Handmade” will entertain, sure, but more than that we hope that this film will cause you to look at surfboards in a new way. Because these guys might be world-class surfers, but they’ll be the first to tell you that anyone can build themselves a board that works, and that doing so could open a whole new dimension in your surfing.

But we’ll have more on that come January. In the meantime, press play above for a first look at “Handmade”.