Hideaways Before Kandui

An empty lineup full of barrels during the swell of the season

Remember when Kandui went apeshit and surfers worldwide scrambled to get a piece? Well this crew of Brazilians made a quick pitstop at Hideaways (a reef pass on a smaller island just a close distance away) en route to Kandui and the results may have actually been more rewarding than their final destination. As the boat pulled up on the first day of the swell, they were greeted by an empty lineup of perfect barrels, where they would sit and score all day long before taking off for Kandui. From the look of it, they should have probably just stayed at Hideaways, but that’s history at this point. Surfers: Paulo Moura, Luel Felipe, Franklin Serpa, Petterson Thomaz, and surf guide Guto Amorin.