There is no peak surfing hour on The Goldy. From sunup to sundown, each nook and cranny is filled to the brim with surfers gridlocked nose to tail. Since this was the first swell of the year, froth levels were exceedingly high. Everyone from Mick Fanning to Steph Gilmore tried their best to navigate speedy sections out at Kirra and The Superbank. The usually happy Gilmore found herself on the receiving end of a couple savage burns, Cooper Chapman double dips at the 25-second mark and Jack Freestone, despite the crowd, puts on a show with that smooth-as-butter style.

The Quik Pro Gold Coast always seems to miss out on early-season swell activity, leaving the competitors riding the afterglow of swells that pulse a week before the waiting period. Will this be the year we see the ‘CT contingent strike gold?