Hot 100 Preview

Get ready for the Hot 100 with clips of the most talented young surfers

Every year, we painstakingly sift through thousands of pictures, watch hours of video, and talk to everyone wearing an expert cap to rank the best young surfers. Mick, Parko, and Jordy were all No. 1 in the Hot 100 before they ever stood on World Tour podiums, and to earn that coveted spot is to pretty much guarantee that you will have a very bright future in surfing. With the 2011 Hot 100 on newsstands soon, we decided to give you a taste of tomorrow’s best surfers. What follows is a random selection of Hot 100 surfers ripping around the world. Take a look at these video clips (posted in no particular order) and let us know where you think they belong on our list of future surfing greats:


John Florence

Kolohe Andino

Alejo Muniz

Conner Coffin


Bethany Hamilton

Sally Fitzgibbons

Alana Blanchard


Mitch Parkinson

Pat Curren

Noah Schweizer

How do you think they stack up?