California-born and North Shore raised, 18 year-old Finn McGill shares the influences that have formed his surfing talent thus far. From his skate inspired air game to the heavy waves of his home, McGill allows these elements to flow through one another for a progressive and well-rounded approach to surfing. Check out the clips McGill has stacked during the last year and travel to Mainland Mexico with him where he scores some roping points.

McGill on progression:

“I think progression is just doing something different. Taking different lines. And I feel like we've almost come to a halt in surfing where it seems like there's not much we can do better, but I feel like if you do take a different approach there are still ways to progress things. I saw that in skating, watching footage from back in the day: It seemed like there was this plateau in bowl skating, but then all of these guys started landing these new maneuvers at the same time and it opened it up completely. I feel like that's going to happen with surfing soon, where one thing is going to come out and blow it wide open.”

To view a photo gallery from Finn McGill’s Mainland Mexico trip and to read his full interview, click here.