How To Stay Sane In Iceland

A step-by-step guide from Dane and Tanner Gudauskas

Have you heard? Iceland’s in right now. Hafnarfjörður is on the cover of that deco coffee-table book at your mom’s house AND is where your best friend from college eloped. Iceland was also the latest coldwater destination for Dane and Tanner Gudang on an icy romp with filmmaker Ben Weiland. But for the times they were rewarded with peeling walls in strong offshores, there was the occasional flat-spell. What to do? Prepare for the lull with this exhaustive How-To from Dane and Tanner, wherein topics include theme parks, an $8,000 down jacket, improvised Gibsons, and the fine art of perspective. You’ll be pronouncing Hafnarfjörður beautifully in no time.