There was a time, back when longform surf movies were a thing, that Dave Rastovich video parts were sacrosanct. A stylish, wildly inventive, and enigmatic free surfer, if he popped up, as he did in Taylor Steele’s 2010 film “Castles in the Sky”, you were glued to the tube. Today, though, Rasta may be just as well known for his environmental stewardship as he is for his stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and damn near meditative approach to wave riding. 

A new short from fellow Australian and award-winning director Nathan Oldfield, however, reminds us of Rasta’s ability to transfix. Between stunning b-roll of electric sunsets and clean, verdant peelers, Oldfield’s lens found Rasta surfing with his textbook blend of speed, power and flow, the whole thing slowed down to a fittingly mindfulness-promoting fps. 

Click play to watch one of surfing’s most stylish draw some meditative lines in slow-mo.

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