The inside of Marcio Zouvi’s two-story San Diego shaping factory is practically lined with high-performance whips–many of them carefully designed for top-notch pros like Filipe Toledo, Oliver Kurtz, and Jake Marshall. Purchased in 2010, the 4000-square-foot Sharp Eye Surfboards headquarters is comprised of a few shaping bays, a sanding area, a glassing room, and contains all the necessary bells and whistles that allow Zouvi and his team to pump out 3,000 boards on average per year.

Zouvi got his feet wet as a shaper when he was a young kid back in Brazil. “In the ’70s, it wasn't easy to get quality materials to make surfboards in Brazil,” Zouvi tells us in the edit above, on a recent visit to his shaping bay. “My first board was actually grabbing a longboard, peeling all the glass off, grabbing the foam, and reshaping it. I was able to get like a 4'5" out of it and convince my dad to get glass and resin. We did not know what the hell I was doing. At least he saw that I was persistent in trying to get something, so he was like 'Okay, maybe let's buy stuff for him to mess around with.'”

Fast forward a few decades, and the boy who self-shaped his first board is now creating some of the most refined, high-performance thrusters in the world. For the past four years, Zouvi has worked closely with Filipe Toledo, shaping all of his contest-winning boards. Zouvi prides himself on producing designs with a lot of sensitivity in the pocket and that are easy to maneuver.

Press play on the edit above to get some insight into the inner-workings of Zouvi’s factory, how his boards compliment Filipe’s style of surfing, and how he, like any shaper, never stops learning the art of creating boards.