While we loved watching Yadin Nicol on the Championship Tour, his surfing never quite translated into big results on the ‘CT the way we (and he) had hoped, and after two years of mostly meager 25th and 13th place finishes, Yadin went back to a life of mostly freesurfing. This past year, he lucked into a pair of mental swells: the first down in Puerto Rico with Damien Hobgood, and the second over in Indonesia with Dillon Perillo. A couple weeks back, Yadin decided to hand all the footage over (along with an assortment of clips compiled around California) to Vacation Club's Dave Malcolm, the same man behind “Greetings” and “Fever Island,” and the resulting collab is something special. We hit up Yadin to talk more about the project.

I just watched Vague & Profound. And wow. I knew you scored in Puerto Rico and Indo, but to see it all packaged and edited together along with your clips from around California, I'm really impressed.

Thanks! Yeah, I thought it turned out cool. I was stoked to pair up with Dave [Malcolm] on this. Every edit I'd ever seen from him had that upbeat, happy vibe to it, and there's been so many of those dark, hipster things coming out recently…I just didn't want that [Laughs]. I wanted the complete opposite.

Did you come up with the name, or did Dave? It's amazing.

We were going back and forth for a bit, and it was comical, the shit we were coming up with. After a while, I said to Dave, "Man, I can't come up with anything. Everything that's already out there is just so…" And he goes, "Vague and profound?"

Dave couldn't have nailed that one any better.

You know my humor. So it's kind of a piss take. But I'm not trying to make fun of anyone. Its hard to come up with a title, I'm telling you. I tried. But after I while, I just went, "F–k this." [Laughs]

Did you hand everything over to Dave or were you involved in the editing process?

I just handed it all over to him. I told him my view of what I wanted in the beginning, and then he made exactly that. We had the same thing in mind. We just wanted it to be light and fun. Leave all of the bullshit out of it and try to do something around surfing. And hopefully it makes people want to surf.

Scoring as hard as you did in Puerto Rico and Indo definitely helps.

I could not believe how good we got Puerto Rico. To get three days of that, when it was clean and glassy and pumping…that was the highlight, for sure. Damo [Hobgood] and I were just high-fiving Dylan [Graves] and Tothy [Brian Toth] the whole trip.

As a whole, I think it's cool to see it all packaged as a 14 minute thing, rather than if you had put out three separate short edits from California, Puerto Rico, and Indo.

That's the thing. I had so much stuff on my hard drive from California. We could have stretched it out and done something from there on just me. But it's weird when it's all about…somebody. I never wanted to put out an edit that's all about me, so I was stoked to have Damo and Dillon [Perillo] in there, too.

Changing gears a bit, what's next for you? Are you headed to Hawaii? Will we see you on the QS again?

I'm not in the Triple Crown. I'm not sure what's going on with me, actually. I was almost thinking about calling the movie “That's It,” but Travis Rice already had that one [Laughs]. Nah, but I think I'll stay home and hunt around California and Mexico. I always missed out on doing that when I was in Hawaii. But it's weird not being in Hawaii for those six weeks—I've been over there the last 15 years, pretty much. As for the ‘QS, I stopped doing that. [Laughs] I loved competing in the Primes…but man, it's such a grind after all those years. I'm happy with what I've accomplished competitively.

Hopefully that just means more time for trips, and ultimately, more edits like this one.

After that Puerto Rico session, I had that epiphany. I was kind of doing the ‘QS, at the time but I was in need of a mental break. There are so many swells you miss out on when you're grinding on the ‘QS. I like going on these sorts of trips with my friends more than anything.