Is This The Most Realistic Footage Of Kelly’s Wave Yet?

Pat Towersey slots inside an eternal offshore tube

The war of the wave pools was waged this week when Wavegarden released new Cove footage, sending forum threads into a spin as to whether it’s better than Kelly’s Surf Ranch. But truthfully, the sleight-of-hand techniques used by both sides in their edits — tight angles, scripted testimonies, even differences in water color — doesn’t further the debate any. What will a session at either of these wave pools realistically look like once they’re opened to the public?

A few hours ago, Hurley’s Pat “Punker” Towersey, a good friend of Kelly’s, posted the below video on Instagram, showing him inside a 15-second tube at The Surf Ranch. No production. No digital touch-ups. Just a man and a mechanical barrel.

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