Italo Ferreira’s Spicy Backhand

The Brazilian 'CT rookie gets fresh at his homebreak

The addition of Italo Ferreira to the ‘CT came as a surprise for many surf fans who had not seen, nor heard, his name prior to his qualification. Hell, he jumped from zero to No. 8 on our 2015 Hot 100 list. We were just as surprised to see the young Brazilian come out of nowhere. Well, that’s not entirely true because he had to come from somewhere. And that somewhere is the sandy righthand pointbreak you see in the edit above. After watching this, you’ll come to understand where the kid’s spicy backhand was developed and why his surfing fits right in with the top dogs on tour. His fresh maneuverability is something we’re looking forward to seeing more of over the coming years. And his name, Italo Ferreira, is one you’ll likely not forget again.