Was there a more entertaining World Tour surfer to watch in 2018 than Italo Ferreira? It’s a rhetorical question. From viral clips of him furiously waxing his board to some very-replay-worthy airs in Bali and everything in between, Italo just exudes a seemingly-uncontainable energy in everything he does—and that makes his surfing command attention. In the offseason, we haven’t seen much from Italo, save for a massive straight-air-to-air-reverse combo that made its rounds recently. You’ll find that little number in the edit above around the 1:30 mark, along with some more greatest hits from Italo’s down time in Fernando de Noronha. All together, the edit serves as a reminder of just how dangerous Italo is, and how good it will be to see him back on surfing’s biggest stage next month.