Throwback Clip Of The Week: 2008 Billabong Pro J-Bay

Crossing our fingers for more Southern Ocean juice during this year's Jeffreys Bay event

During the last month, an active Southern Ocean has seen swell after swell hammer the South African coast, with multiple epic days at Jeffreys Bay already. With the waiting period for the Corona J-Bay Open starting on July 12th, hopefully this active season is a sign that plenty more waves are en route (Unlike last year, when a perfect swell landed just before the event window).

Before this year’s event gets underway, we decided to throw it back to 2008, to revisit the final day of the Billabong Pro, which started out dreamy before turning to slop, with then 8-time world champion Kelly Slater eventually defeating the defending world champ at the time, Mick Fanning. While much has changed about the World Tour, it’s interesting that every surfer in this J-Bay highlight reel from almost a decade ago — minus Taj Burrow, who retired last year — is still on Tour. The more things change, right?