A Global Paddle-Out

Around the world for Jack O'Neill's warm send-off

“I got to spend some time with him, about two or three hours at his house,” says Jordy Smith about Jack O’Neill. “He’d ask me if I’d been surfing, and I’d tell him I had been, around Santa Cruz. At the time, I told him, ‘[The water] is really warm at the moment.’ Sure enough, he turned around, looked up to me, and goes, ‘You’re welcome.'” The memorial paddle-out last weekend for O’Neill was one global ‘Thank you’ to Jack, literally. Aside from the main gathering in Santa Cruz, ceremonies were held in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the U.K., Australia, Canada, and South Africa. Here’s a wrap-up of the event, with beautiful drone footage and thoughtful words from Smith, Tom Carroll, Shaun Tomson, and more.