If we had a surfing Mt. Rushmore, by god Jeff Divine’s handsome visage needs to be chiseled into the thing. He’s a legend, plain and simple. Divine’s work, more than anybody else, defined the visual memory we have of the 70s surf scene. Lots of the 80s too come to think of it. Crisp, bright, sophisticated action shots, his work is evident from a mile away.

In this episode of “Behind the Photo,” Divine dishes on his shot of Gerry Lopez at Pipe from ’71—which is one you know well. Or you should, anyway. But did you know it was taken during a big expression session/luau at Pipe and Pupukea? A crazy board swapping, design-talking, semi-competitive surfing, pig roasting good time, with everybody who was anybody there.

Divine was working for us at the time, with access to all the film and giant lenses he could possibly want. Gerry paddled out, Divine swung his big 1000m in his direction, clicked the shutter, and boom, an image of style and pure, dripping cool was forever etched into surf history.