To coincide with the return of Jeffreys Bay to the World Tour, Jordy Smith, a two-time WT event winner at the spot, released this video explaining his special connection with the world’s best pointbreak. Growing up in Durban, Jordy became accustomed to the punchy and offshore waves that are by and large synonymous with South Africa. In the opening section, the reeling rights of Durban demonstrate how Jordy was able to transform into an elite surfer and one of the best at Jeffreys Bay. Around the two-minute mark, Jordy makes the short flight to Jeffreys from Durban, proceeding to man-hack and get barreled down the entirety of the long point. We’d like to note the backside reverse out of a mean roundhouse (3:00). It’s rare to see someone maintain speed out of a roundhouse at Jeffreys Bay let alone with a reverse on the bank. Jordy backs that up with more man-hacks and a variety of turns, highlines, and an incredible speed hack (4:50).