Julian Wilson Fc’s Highlight Montage

From Young Guns to Wayward

How influential is Julian Wilson’s surfing? Well, allegedly, it’s enough to warrant a fan page of its own on YouTube, here. Portals and portals of stolen footage, assembled most likely by a fanatic who uses the clips for his own personal surf psych-up. Piracy is a form of flattery. And how we wish there were more pages like this! Does Dane have a pirated video fan page? We’re pretty sure he’d give whomever the thumbs up. Here, Julian Wilson FC digs deep for an assembly of some of Julian’s finer youthful moments (We think Young Guns 3, Trestles freesurf edits, and the Scratching The Surface era, mixed with the top clips from Wayward. But where were the Swamp Duck clips?). If you’re going to go full fan, you gotta have some of that Lakey’s footage in there, no?