"It was the captain's idea to drive north," says Dillon Perillo, who joined Ry Craike and Jacob Willcox for a May strike mission aboard an unnamed boat. "The original plan was to head to a chain of islands pretty near where we had embarked, but by the time we were ready to start the journey, we had heard whispers that other people were headed in the same direction. Then the captain, who is also the owner of the boat, proposed we do something different.”

So begins the latest episode of The Search: Improvised plans, the thrill of the unturned corner, and the reward of an empty lineup, all from an 800-mile redirect. "We hopped in the dinghy, drove out, and saw the wave breaking,” Willcox says. “It was completely surreal. We saw these perfect lefts reeling through from way up the point. Everyone was so excited but also kind of unsure - we were saying, 'It looks really good, but is it good?' It was a weird feeling, because it was so unknown. But when we got out there and got a few waves, we realized what we had just found. It was a huge feeling of relief. It was all worth it."