Just Passing Through Mainland Mexico

Evan Geiselman, Mikala Jones, and Mitch Crews bank on tubes and tacos

Way south of the U.S./Mexico border, the waves in Mainland Mexico can be mean, nasty, and even board-shattering. Surfers venturing to Pascuales, Puerto Escondido, or any heavy beachbreak in the area are oft chasing the barrel of their lives, while trying their best to evade the beatdown of their lives. But sometimes the mean and nasty gives way to rippable, makeable, and playful fare. These were the conditions-along with many picturesque tubes- that Mitch Crews, Mikala Jones, and Evan Geiselman found on a group trip to Mexico, and even though they didn’t scratch into any heavy sand-bottomed bombs on this visit, the trio still found their share of pits.