Oh, the perks of surf sponsorship—clothes and shoes, fins and trac-pads, a bro-deal on a new stick. For the talented wave-slider, an assortment of surf brand shwag and a significant discount on hard goods are par for the course.

But the ambitious, open-minded surf star branches out, earning a payday (or, again, freebies) repping a much broader, much less surf-related range of products. Maybe neon liquids with suspect nutritional values? A big-box retailer? 

North Florida's Justin Quintal has a diverse portfolio of sponsors. Aside from being a prominent member of the illustrious Vans surf team, the Jacksonville-based logger counts a boutique hotel, a regional pizza chain, a yoga studio, and a Vermont-based craft alcoholic ginger beer company (see video above) as sponsors. All of which are in addition to Quintal's board sponsor—Black Rose MFG.—which he actually owns (so technically no freebies there). Still, a nice little assortment, to be sure, as Quintal could conceivably get in a quick Bikram session before fueling up on pizza and slamming a few alcoholic bevvies, then turn down in a well-apportioned room at a cool hotel. Well played, Justin!

The video above, from the previously mentioned ginger beer brand Halyard Brewing Co., features company man Quintal trimming, stalling, and hanging heels among friends on an above average day of North Florida surf.