The Jaws event last year proved that the girls want the biggest waves on earth just as much as the guys. Further proof? Take a second to look at this wild ride by Justine Dupont two days ago at Nazaré. It’s wave No.2 in the video. The line itself is just too damn brazen. Justine and her driver emerge behind the peak deep, whipping toward the shoulder, completely parallel to the face with Justine still holding onto the rope, gaining momentum, racing ever faster across a wind-blown, spray-in-the-face tsunami. She’s still holding on! And then, right as she hits the crown of this Portuguese mountain, she falls, skipping forward across the water with the crest of the wave rolling over her.

The camera follows the ski as you wonder just where in the soup Justine will emerge. The camera pans tight to the ski: she’s on the sled, zipping toward the shore with the driver. You breathe a sigh of relief and wonder about the What If’s had Justine been a second later, or skipped just once or twice more.