A holiday movie these days will get you superheroes, Will Ferrell, a lot of CGI, hordes of teens in the theatre who are out of school, and $30 dollars out of your pocket, if you buy the popcorn. OR you could skip all that and watch the latest movie from Australia’s premier high-performance filmmaker, the same mind who gave us “Modern Collective,” “Lost Atlas,” “Dear Suburbia,” and “Cluster.” And you get it for free.

Director Kai Neville just released “Listen Now, Misty Dawn,” a film collaboration with eyewear company Epokhe that’s available for download on the brand’s website (Click here to do it). The cast is full of today’s most talented freesurfers: Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson, Brendon Gibbens, Creed McTaggart, Taj Burrow, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Shaun Manners, and Nate Tyler, with parts- and location-based jaunts through Australia and Indonesia.

Expect an interview on the film in the couple days. In the meantime, watch the trailer above (like you need convincing to download it, though) and save that $30 you’d spend at the movie theatre.