Who is Kalei Kauhane? Ex-construction- turned water-supply worker. Maui local. Single fin maestro.

Kalei doesn’t travel to get waves. Instead, he hangs around his well-trodden turf, where he and his family live, on Maui’s west side. “Whenever there’s waves on Maui’s west side, I surf. If there aren’t waves on this side, then I’ll do something else: Fishing, diving, chores [Laughs].”

So, what about his choice of boards? What about that single fin? “The board was shaped for my uncle back in the mid 70’s by Jimmy Lewis. It’s a 8’2 single fin. He got into a bad motorcycle accident and ended up selling the board. It got traded around and somehow ended coming back full circle. Psyched it’s still in the family. I call the board ‘Big Jimmy’ or the ‘Purple People Eater’…”

Chances are good you know a Kalei in your local lineup. Let us praise all the Kalei‘s out there, those men and women surfing for the love of it, getting barreled for the soul of it, and holding down their place in the lineups that mean so much to them.