The DaHui Backdoor Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku Invitational is one of the most rootsy and exciting events that exists in competitive surfing. Pipeline has been firing for the event, the local specialists and legends lucky enough to get an invite haven’t hesitated to pull in.

While many incredible tubes have been stuffed in the jersey-less, fast and loose contest, Keito Matsuoka’s perfect-scoring tube yesterday has, so far, been the gnarliest. Watch Matsuoka airdrop a couple feet before sinking fins and rail into the face, allowing him to narrowly escape the guillotine-esque lip. He then speeds out in a cloud of spit thicker than a vape plume blown by your Juul-loving friend. It’s backside tube-riding at Pipeline that’s both raw and textbook. Watch a water-angle of the barrel below.

The contest is live right now, watch here, and is expected to finish tomorrow. Stay tuned to SURFER for a full recap of one of the event.