Kelly’s Emotional Ride to the Future Classic

Kelly opens up about the journey from concept to execution of the Future Classic

The dust has settled in Lemoore, somehow California’s premier surf spot — for now, at least. Kelly Slater recently opened up about the emotional rollercoaster it’s been for Kelly and his team to bring the wave pool from concept stage to hosting an event at the Surf Ranch.

“The first time I came to the property, and it was just dirt, and we were just moving it around and shaping the bottom and designing, I saw how big it was, and how overwhelming this project. It was terrifying,” says Kelly, “I was 100-percent confident that this wave would be good and it’d work as we designed it, but I’d never worked on a project so big and so unknown, in so many different ways.”

Kelly goes on to describe how happy the competitors were surfing the event, why keeping it a private event was a smart play, and how this will shape the future of surfing.

“There’s so much debate about what this is and where it goes… this a compliment or supplement to what the surfing experience is. From here, I’m already three, four, five versions ahead in my mind.”