Imagine yourself on a boat staring at an illogically-long, impossibly-perfect, relentlessly-barreling wave–and then being confronted by the fact that you’re probably gonna lose a significant amount of skin if you try to surf it. That’s exactly the situation that Kepa Acero and Naxto Gonzalez found themselves in while on a swell chase in Indonesia, where they opted to wear full wetsuits and even hoods to try to keep themselves intact at the driest of reefs. “We should have had helmets,” Kepa said. “I’ve heard stories of guys surfing this spot wearing motorcycle leathers because the reef just tears you up. Neither of us felt comfortable out there, even wearing fullsuits, but we’d come so far.” In the short film above, Kepa goes on to describe pulling into a tubing section like “going into heaven and hell at the same time.” But despite the anxiety they surely felt, the juice looks more than worth the squeeze.

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