Kirra, Cyclone Gita and a Gang of Aussie Pros

Highlights from the best surf the Gold Coast has seen in a long time

In the edit above you’ll see an all-star cast get spat out of some deep and dredging Gold Coast pits as they milk cyclone Gita for all it’s got. Parko’s tube at 0:27 seems impossible, as does Jay Davies’ at 2:13. It’s not all perfect tubes though-there’s a foil transfer at 1:15 that looks painful and quite possibly the best jetski fail since that couple’s tinder date at The Wedge. Enjoy “Cyclone Gita Lights Up Kirra.”

Filmed by Lachlan McKinnon and Nathan Dorrington
Edit by Happily Stoked

Surfers: Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Noa Deane, Mark Mathews, Brent Dorrington, Sheldon Simkus, McKenzie Bowden, Darren Handley, Dean Harrington, Dingo Morrison, Ryan Hipwood