Teton Gravity Research’s film “Andy Irons: Kissed by God” will be going on tour nationwide starting June 12th. For tickets and more info, visit TetonGravity.com/Andy.

In making “Andy Irons: Kissed by God,” the directors Steve and Todd Jones accumulated hours of emotional footage of Andy’s family members, friends and competitors speaking frankly about the impact Andy made on their lives. Andy's brother Bruce, his wife Lyndie, Joel Parkinson, Nathan Fletcher, Sunny Garcia, Kelly Slater and more, sat down for the camera and let the stories and tears flow.

In this clip, Mick Fanning shares the story about an infamous poker game that went down during the first night of a Fijian boat trip in 2004. In a fit of rage, Andy threw his laptop overboard after losing all his chips to his brother Bruce. Unfortunately for the surfers on the trip-which wasn’t shaping up to have a pumping forecast-Andy’s laptop was the only way for them to watch movies.

In a 2012 SURFER Magazine profile on the big wave charger titled “Riding High,” writer Ben Mondy describes the morning after the poker game as follows:

“By the time the sun rose the next day, the air was pregnant with that sick, sullen hangover tension. There were still no waves, the heat was oppressive, and Andy was on deck with a sore head, leaving the rest of us treading on eggshells around the unspoken, but well known, fact of the overboard computer. We had all just finished breakfast when Andy announced that he had had enough and was going to his cabin, an explicit warning for everyone to leave him alone. ‘Going to watch some DVDs?’ japed [Ian] Walsh. ‘On your laptop?’

No one knew which way it was going to go until Andy laughed, followed by the rest of us, and the tension was punctured.”

Each Thursday SURFER will be featuring these gems and outtakes in celebration of the film. They touch on the complexities of bipolar disorder, addiction and his incredible surfing talent, all told by those who laughed and cried along with him.