Remember a few episodes back in “This is Livin'” when Koa Rothman called up his shaper, John Pyzel, and placed a whopping 30 board order? A portion of those boards were being built in Europe for him to pick up while on his long-awaited trip to the Old World. Well, those boards will probably be sitting on the rack for a while because Teahupo’o started to pulse while Rothman and his merry band of tube hunters where still in Tahiti, just before he was supposed to leave. If there’s anything that’s hard to do, it’s turning your back on firing waves. Which is why Rothman made the no-brainer call to ditch his flight and get tubed.

Hit play to watch Rothman, Nathan Florence, Ivan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Eli Olson, Matahi Drollet and more toss themselves over Teahupo’o’s square ledge above, in the latest “This is Livin’.”

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