How many boards does it take to make it through a North Shore winter? According to local charger Koa Rothman it takes 23, including a couple of frighteningly long guns in the the nine and ten foot ranges. Rothman’s shaper, John Pyzel, doesn’t seem to bat an eye at the warchest stockpile of a board order. With Rothman snapping a board during a Pipe session in the edit above, and running a leash string through the tail of another, all in a few days’ “work,” is 23 boards going to be enough? If it ain’t, and you’re Koa Rothman, just call up Pyzel and order a cool 23 more.

Check out Rothman, and fellow North Shore standouts Barron Mamiya, Jamie O’Brien, Nathan Florence and more, score Keiki’s dredging shore-pound and west swell Pipeline in the latest episode of “This is Livin'” above.