OK, before we get into the actual meat of Kolohe Andino’s new edit, it needs to be said that Joy Division’s “Dead Souls” is arguably the best song you could ever cut surfing to, it’s absolutely appalling that a major surf edit hadn’t featured it yet, and Kolohe deserves some kudos for that alone. But all post-punk anthems aside, “HOME-ish” is probably the best thing we’ve seen Kolohe do since his Kai Neville-film appearances what feels like eons ago. It’s a funny thing when a surfer finds themselves outside of that Top 10 ‘CT bubble–they sort of get lost in the shuffle unless they’re also putting out banger edits on the side. But “HOME-ish”, shot entirely in one month, is a firm reminder of exactly the kind of raw talent Kolohe has. It shows Kolohe away from the spectacle of the ‘CT, with his hair down, hucking airs and driving through freight-train tubes up and down the California coast like few in this world can.