“Three weeks. Three weeks surfing every day,” says Eric Geiselman of how long it took him to put hammer to nail and create what we think is one of the best action-based short films this year. It’s no surprise that it should come from Geiselman, who spent time between Sumbawa and Bali last October, focusing on waves where he’s known to bag otherworldly clips.

Technically speaking, this edit is a massive statement for Geiselman, as he demonstrates a perfect balance of flow, power and pop. His surfing feels cut from the same cloth as any of the top performance surfers today, probably most comparable to Julian Wilson, just with a narrower stance. Either way, super technical backside whips, knifey turns, and a wide variety of moves above the lip abound in this edit.

For a surfer who endured over 3 years of constant injuries and bad luck, Geiselman no doubt feels great putting together an edit of this caliber. “When I was trying to compete on the ‘QS and trying qualify, I was constantly hurt for years,” he says. “It burnt me out on the competitive scene, honestly. I feel healthy now, and feel better than ever, so I’m having fun surfing and just doing me, pushing myself to stay relevant with what the best guys at the top are doing these days.” Mission accomplished, Eric.