Inside Out

Alex and Koa Smith getting barreled from all angles at P-Pass

There was a massive low-pressure system brewing in the Pacific when the Smith brothers pulled the trigger for this strike mission to P-Pass. They arrived to wind-groomed, reef-sucking, heavy-water, super-session perfection.

Here’s Koa Smith’s take his best wave and the whole session, from the feature in our May Issue:

“It was the first big wave I caught during the trip, and the swell was rising really quickly. It was low tide and clamping and gnarly and this thing came in. A lot of the time there, you don’t know what’s waiting for you until after you come around the first section. It’s hard to tell if you’re going to get the tube of your life or just take some crazy, mutant lip to the head. I remember thinking it might be a good one, but I couldn’t be sure. Then I saw that it was going to run down the reef, so I sat there in the barrel and got just blown out into the channel. I had to straighten out on a few other ones, though, and got so pounded. My brother (Alex Smith) got slammed on his back on a coral head. And one of our friends from Kauai (Sam Martin) got caught inside on a 12-footer. His leash got snagged on the reef and he tried four times to reach down to undo the cuff as his head was banging against the bottom. After a while he decided he was going to die, so he just relaxed. That was when his leash broke and he surfaced.”

But enough reading. Just watch the clip. See more Smith brothers at