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See the Brown Brothers interview as featured on MESURF.COM.AU
“I had the privilege to speak with two of the worlds best chargers that are proud Aussie’s and frequent the depths of W.A. The Brown Brothers. Kerby and Courtney are a duo that deserve full respect for what they put their lives through for our viewing pleasure! These guys are out there on the search every time a new swell rolls through, as a matter of fact as I write this, they’re down the south coast of W.A chasing a new pulse. These guys live, eat & breath surf. It’s a lifestyle they wouldn’t change for anything and the fact these guys have a brotherly connection makes it that much tighter.

We chat about what it’s like being out there amongst the monsters, heaviest hits, why Kerbs doesn’t have a major sponsor and what’s on the cards moving forward. Two bro’s out doing what they do, not for the money, not for the fame, but for the fact they love to surf…” THE COLT

Cortney places 3rd and wins BARREL OF THE DAY with a PERFECT 10 POINT RIDE in the Fantastic Noodles Intense Wave Invitational

See photo’s of Cortney surfing in the event @

Kerby Brown featured in the NEW WATERMAN story of the 2008 SURFER YEARBOOK a first-ever ‘sports annual’ for surfing presented by Surfers Village

To view an online copy or find local distributors go to
The Brown Brothers have just returned from a huge swell off the south coast of Western Australia. Cortney scored one of the craziest waves surfed this year! See an empty from the day @ Cortney’s photo’s coming soon!!

Lastly, Kerby departs for the US Wednesday 10th September. He’ll be attending the ASR Tradeshow, Ry Craike’s DVD Launch at Bondi in San Diego, the Surfer Poll awards and just catching up on all things American.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Brown Brothers